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TC-Performer has arrived

Explore unreal synthesis with the most unique performance control on iOS! TC-Performer presents a multi-touch performance environment unlike any other synthesizer. Simply touch the screen; there are no buttons, keys, or sliders to hit. The sounds are generated entirely by your touch movements.

Each patch has a unique method of control. Pull, tap, drag, twist, and stretch your touches on the screen. There is no wrong way to play! Every instrument is a new landscape of sound creation. Pads, leads, effects, and indescribable oddities await.

You can download more patches in packs inside the app. There is also a transposition section available to change the key of the patch to fit your song, and Audiobus compatibility to record via inter-app audio.

Start exploring touch synthesis with TC-Performer!

TC-Performer is free.

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Miselu C.24 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard on eBay

It looks like this is on eBay but the people who are selling it know very little about it, so it’s available relatively cheap.

Miselu C24 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard on eBay

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What’s your app of the week?

What’s the app that’s been most useful or the most inspiring this week? Or maybe just the app that’s been your work horse for the last few days. Tell me which one it is and why.

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What’s your favourite SoundCloud group?

I’ve been posting a variety of the SoundCloud groups that I like, but of course I don’t know every mobile related group. So, if there are groups that you’d like me to mention or just think are full of wonderful tracks please do let me know.