And he does it again, another book from Clif Johnston, iPad Music School: A Hands-On Introduction to Making Music on iOS has arrived

So Clif Johnston brings us another book, iPad Music School: A Hands-On Introduction to Making Music on iOS has now arrived. Here’s what to expect:

“Whether you’re 8 years old or 80 years old, there’s never a bad time to start making music. You live in exciting times, with technology that allows you to carry around a virtual studio in your pocket or purse. It’s never been easier or more fun to learn how to create your own songs and share them with your friends, or the whole world.

This book is for anyone wanting to learn how to make music with apps on your iPad. If you’ve never played a note in your life, I’ll show you how to make your first song in minutes. If you’re an experienced musician looking for a quick start on music app basics, you’ll also find useful information in this book.

iPad Music School starts by showing you how to make and share your first song using a single app. From there you’ll learn about copy and pasting audio between apps, recording your own sounds, and managing your files. You’ll discover how easy it is to connect apps together using Inter-App Audio and Audiobus. You’ll also learn how to sync two apps together and send notes between them using virtual MIDI.

By the time you finish this book, you’ll have a solid foundation in all of the concepts you need to move on to making your own great music with iPad apps.”

In the UK the book costs £2.56.


Figooroo doesn’t have much longer on the app store apparently …


SidTracker 64 Tutorial – real time recording (video)

Video description:

SidTracker64 is the ultimate chiptune production package tool for the iPad. It emulates the SID sound chip from the dominating home computer of the 80s – The Commodore 64.

Get started immediately with the bundled songs and sounds in various styles, from old skool bleeps n blips to new school with multi speed and advanced table editing. Explore, remix and make new songs based on the old classics c64 game tracks “Commando” by Rob Hubbard or “Blood Money” by Fredrik Segerfalk, and the brand new youtube remix hit of the “True Survivor” Kung Fury soundtrack, all included in the app.

SidTracker64 is a retro-style music creation tool and synthesizer combined with modern features such as midi keyboard and controller input, Audiobus 2 and Inter App Audio for recording in your favourite DAW-app. Midi clock in lets you sync to other apps and hardware drum machines and synthesizers, such as the Elektron Analog Four.

SidTracker 64 can be used for live looping, making complete songs, and the minimum latency makes it suitable for live use. Export your music to Dropbox and e-mail as audio or .sid and even .prg files which you can run on a real Commodore 64.

Editing is based on hands on touch interaction or midi input instead of the hardcore style of direct data editing. Record live to a metronome or input notes step-style. Real SID-composing has never been simpler and more fun!

SID synthesizer engine specs:

  • Fully emulated SID 8580 R5 chip.
  • 3 separate voices
  • 8 waveforms – tri, saw, pulse with pwm, noise, trisaw, tripulse, sawpulse, nowave
  • Wavetable editing
  • 3 volume envelopes
  • Dedicated vibrato controls
  • 1 multimode filter LP/BP/HP (12/6/12db) with sweep envelope
  • Filter table editing. Change filter cutoff and modes up to 1/240
  • Hard sync and Ringmod per voice
  • PWM sweep envelop
  • PWM table editing
  • Hard restart
  • Variable emulation speed from 25-240hz (standard 50)
  • 32 instruments per song (copy/paste/rename)

Tracker (sequencer):

  • 3 voice patterns
  • Mute voices on/off
  • Change instrument per step
  • FX pattern – change volume/filter/speed per step
  • Loop pattern
  • Song building
  • Live or step recording
  • Metronome / count in
  • Follow mode
  • Note effects (Glide/sustain/vibrato/filter & pulse reset/tie)
  • Song mode with transpose


  • Keyboard input 1-3 voices (mono, duo and polyphonic)
  • CC-assignable synth parameteras
  • Modulation wheel vibrato
  • Pitch bend
  • Midi Clock in
  • Selectable input channel


  • .s64 – native SidTracker 64 file
  • .m4a – audio
  • .sid – for use in sidplayer
  • .prg – exports play data for a real Commodore 64

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – KORG iMS-20 (video)

Guitar Capo Update Demo for iPad, Lots of Cool New Stuff (video)

3 Songs Preview – Rytmik Ultimate (video)

Video description:

“Do you want to keep in the loop with what is happening about our new title Rytmik Ultimate? Subscribe your email to our mailing list!

Wej Layout Complete! (video)

Video description:

“Last week we passed another big milestone on Wej. We finalized the circuit board layout, and we’re sending the board to the manufacturer (for those that are interested, you can find the eagle file for the layout here and the schematic file here). This means that we’ll have a final circuit board in hand soon to complete programming, testing and production.

Design update — more ports!
As we’ve finalized the electronics, we improved the design of Wej. The prototype we showed in the announcement video had two USB ports. You could use these for charging your iOS device or connecting a midi controller. The final version of Wej will have three USB ports. Two for USB MIDI, and one dedicated port for charging your iPad or iPhone. This makes Wej a more reliable base for controllers and iPad as you won’t have to choose between power and control. The case design is being refined as well.

Milestones and Estimated Ship Date
We’ve been making great progress on Wej, with 8 milestones completed (check the list at

Revisions to the electronics have taken a little longer than we planned, and we’re now predicting that we’ll be shipping Wej to pre-order customers in 3–5 Months. We’re working tirelessly to make Wej great, and we’ll keep you posted on our progress on the next 4 milestones.”

Waldorf Attack Drum Synthersizer Demo for iPad (video)

haQ attaQ 65 – Unboxing my new iPad (video)

Video description:

“Unboxing my new iPad! 🙂 I am absolutely jumping in joy as I get to share this precious moment with you all.”

Happy new iPad Jakob!

iM1 for iPad – Artists Impression (video)

Video description:

“Check out these impressions on iM1 from both artists and those who had a hand in the creation of the original M1 Workstation.”

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