Mixtikl Generative Music & Loop Mixer (video)

Videos description:

“A quick 30 secs video of a staged mix made on iPhone using some generative content and some of the royalty free loops from Retronyms / Loopmasters. It is great fun mixing together generative music and loops – the two go well together, with the generative music elements helping to create something fresh and different.

To get the mix, load it from this tweet: https://twitter.com/mixtikl/status/608721200861310976

The loops used were from the free Deep and Raw Techno Sounds Loopmasters pak (via Retronyms store), specifically: 125 Cm Sub Stabber Bass, 125 Cm Synth Chord 2, 125 Cm SynthDelayChord 1 and 125 Drums 1 Full.”

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