haQ attaQ 64 Nave haQ attaQ presets – FREE Download (video)

Click through to YouTube to get the link to the downloads.

Music Maker Jam updated

Music Maker Jam 1.2.5 brings four brand-new style releases:

  • Future Oldschool
  • Techno Vol. 3
  • Electro Dub
  • + the highly anticipated Trap Vol. 2

Music IO Windows Beta 2 (video)

iSymphonic Orchestra 1.3.3 arrives

Here’s what’s new in version 1.3.3 of iSymphonic Orchestra:

  • 15 new sounds available as optional in-app purchase “Arpa Sound Set”, providing harps, harpsichords and further string and horn sounds (requires 1 GB additional SSD space).
  • Metronome volume is now configurable.
  • Fixed issue with CoreMIDI port names.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the graphical user interface.

BIAS Amp Match Now Available On iOS (video)

Video description:

“As a free update, now you can download any amp match models from ToneCloud right in BIAS Mobile, and integrate them into JamUp and BIAS FX to get limitless tone possibilities. The amp match process will remain exclusive to BIAS Professional only.”

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