PO12, PO16 & Black Fountain Delay (video)

Video description:

“Running the Teenage Engineering PO-12 and PO-16 through the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain Delay Pedal. Have only seen demos running guitar through the Black Fountain, more demos coming soon!”

Let’s Play with Korg iM1 (video)

CDM picks some good things out of today’s WWDC keynote

And I’m pleased to read them as there are slim picking from Apple this year. From a personal perspective I think that WWDC has been in decline for a long time in terms of news for the iOS music community. This year it is poor to say the least. iOS9’s best feature is restricted to the iPad Air 2, and with no new hardware announced I won’t be upgrading for some time now.

Perhaps it’s time to look at other platforms?

CDM’s 5 Tidbits of Good News from WWDC for Musicians and Visualists.

SquareSynth 2.0.7

Here’s what’s new in SquareSynth 2.0.7:

  • Midi bug fix [super solid now]
  • I’ve put many hours into the About screen… it’s beautiful
  • Reduced latency
  • Audiobus
  • Increased upper note range
  • UI Tweaks

SidTracker 64 Preview (video)

Discchord tells us about an upcoming chiptune studio app, and it looks pretty cool actually.

Different Drummer 3.3.2 brings fixes and stuff

Here’s what’s new in Different Drummer:

  • Fixed crash bug in sound preview
  • Fixed glitching on Saw Waves and elsewhere
  • Fixed bug that could crash when randomizing
  • Fixed bug that cause display lagging when returning to app
  • More reliable sync of rhythm display with what’s playing
  • Changed Wave Selectors to toggle when same wave selected
  • Added Solo button where toggle switch used to be
  • Progression button lights up when progression active
  • Made color coding in Wave area a little more prominent

Koushion + littleBits + Ableton + MicroBrute :: CV Step Sequencer

Video description:

Koushion + littleBits combine to make a great CV Step Sequencer. Add Ableton Live and you also get some great tempo-synced effects. Applying all that to an Arturia MicroBrute results in some great sounds.”

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