bC16 mk5 modular still on eBay with a day or so to go

This rare bC16 on eBay has a day or so to go and still isn’t at the sort of price I’d expect it to reach. Here’s the description from eBay:

I ordered a Chimera bC16 synth sometime around the start of Obama’s first term. It arrived in January. In the intervening time, I have acquired more than enough gear and frankly want this albatross out of my house.

Patchable with mini banana cables.

Used by Throbbing Gristle & a bunch of fancy brits with the clout to get their synths delivered on time.

Absolutely mint condition. Includes MIDI Din adapter, power supply, inverter, 1/4″ jack to 2mm banana cable, 10 mini banana (2mm) patch cables

Chimera Instruments Ltd bC16 mk5 modular synthesizer on eBay

Don’t forget that the Korg apps are all still on sale

I haven’t reminded you, but perhaps I should. Anyway, here’s a reminder for now, and I’ll probably remind again as it gets nearer to the end of the month and the deals all end.

And lastly, and of course the reason for the whole sale, is the new iM1, which is at its introductory price of $19.99, it’ll go up to $29.99 after the 30th of June, as will all of the above.

Connect to Palm Sounds on Linkedin

If you’re a developer or a musician, or whatever, connect on Linkedin if you’re a Linkedin user of course. You can find me here.

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