SoundScaper 1.3 is here

The excellent SoundScaper has been updated to version 1.3. Here’s what’s new:

  • Advanced control panel by double tap on the sound sources in mixer.
  • Eight band equalizer for each sound source.
  • LP and HP filters in reverb for each sound source.
  • Additional reverb algorithm modes for sound sources.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

STRNG by Erik Sigth, String Modelling Synth for iOS (video)

Filtatron 1.4.3 brings long awaited features and fixes

Here’s what’s new with Filtatron:

  • Added support for landscape orientation on the iPad
  • Replaced iOS settings section with an in-app settings menu on the About panel
  • Added support for enabling/disabling background audio operation
  • Added ‘auto’ audio input setting to let Filtatron automatically decide what the most appropriate audio input device is
  • Fixed knobs slew rate setting, it wasn’t being used by most of the knobs
  • Added more slew rate options
  • Fixes for very rare crashes in the audio pocessing
  • Increased maximum buffer size to 4096
  • Fixed interruption behavior from Siri

Final Touch – Using the Multi Band EQ (video)

Get creative with drum patterns + commentary (video)

Video description:

“I love getting creative with drum patterns. Hours and hours of thumb-thumbing my surface and I never ever get tired of it! 🙂

Wanna have a go at remixing the track featured in this video? Visit my page at Propellerheads Discover:

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