Poolp is a music app with 3 loopers, 3 send effects, 2 global fx all tweakable. Poolp allow you to record your own samples and change them in a drastic way.


  • Select source (Mic or Resample)
  • Adjust gain
  • Choose pre-roll (‘record in 2 steps, 4 steps, or immediately)


  • Record, Overdub with 3 samplers
  • Change length : 1, 2, 4 or Free length


  • Change loop points
  • Remove unwanted part


  • Adujust volument and pan
  • Change direction and speed (X0.25, X0.5, X1, X2)
  • tweak filter resonnance and cutoff


  • Adjust 3 effects send: Reverb, Delay, Distortion.
  • Tune Global FX
  • Reverb, Delay, Distortion EQ, Autopan


  • Save your session
  • Record your mix and Share it via email
  • Share loop with other audio app with audio paste.


  • 3 synchronised loopers
  • independant record length (1, 2, 4 bars and free) for each looper
  • independant direction and speed (0.25, 0.5, 1, 2) for each looper
  • one low pass filter for each looper
  • volume and pan for each looper
  • 3 send effects: Reverb, Delay, Distortion
  • 2 Master effects: EQ, Autopan
  • Audio input and resample (pre/ post effects)
  • adjustable gain
  • adjustable loop points per sample (trim)
  • adjustable count in (‘record in 2 steps, 4 steps, or immediately)
  • Audio paste
  • Audiobus
  • global performance recorder


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