A new book from Clif at Apptronica: Drone, Glitch and Noise: Making Experimental Music on iPads and iPhones

It’s great to see Clif get this book out and already it seems to be doing well. Here’s what to expect in this book:

iPads and iPhones have found their way into the musical toolkits of many producers, composers, artists, and DJs. While many of these musicians use iOS devices to augment their existing music gear, for some, iPad and iPhone apps have replaced instruments, computer-based DAWs, or studios altogether.

Experimental musicians realize that iOS music is one of the most significant developments in the history of music. Multi-touch interfaces open up a whole world of possibilities for interacting with music apps. The small form factor of these lightweight devices allow them to easily manipulated in three-dimensional space, while specialized sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes enable apps to react to any type of motion.

Far beyond mimicking traditional instruments, desktop software, or hardware interfaces, the unique capabilities of iOS devices have enabled the creation of whole new instruments. There are hundreds of apps available today that offer ways of creating and interacting with music that were inconceivable five years ago.

Whether you’re a veteran iPad musician, or just beginning to learn what music apps can do, you’re sure to find plenty of tips and advice in this book to get you started or help you get to the next level. For readers just beginning to explore experimental music, there’s an introduction to what it is and why it matters. For hardcore sound artists, you’ll find the latest apps for doing new and terrible things to your sample collection.

You’ll learn some good habits and figure out which rules to throw away on your way to becoming more prolific. You’ll read about strategies for generating new ideas and removing creative blocks. Most importantly, you’ll learn the best tools for creating new and exciting styles of music never before possible.

This book covers essential iOS music tools, music production workflows, midi controllers, futuristic synths, noise apps, soundscaping, glitching, effects automation, algorithmic composition, and more.


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