Very last call for Korg’s app sale

So this is it, it’s the last few hours of the last day of this sale. No more reminders after this.
So here’s what’s on offer …

And lastly, and of course the reason for the whole sale, is the new iM1, which is at its introductory price of $19.99, it’ll go up to $29.99 after today as will all of the above.

Cubasis Update, 5 New Pianos, New Drum Kits and a Minisampler for iPad (video)

Cubasis 1.9.5 arrives …

Here’s what’s new in Cubasis:

  • New MiniSampler to create own instruments in a snap
  • 5 MiniSampler piano factory instruments based on HALion Sonic
  • 16 Allen Morgan MiniSampler factory drum kits paired with 128 song-oriented MIDI patterns
  • iOS 64-bit mode support (for supported iOS devices)
  • Audiobus SDK 2.1.6
  • New “Smear” demo song project

Patterning : Drum Machine, coming soon from Olympia Noise Co (video)

This looks awesome. I do like Olympia Noise Co apps, and it looks very much like they’ve surpassed themselves here. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

iOS8.4 is here, anyone having issues for mobile music apps?

As always I’m slightly reticent about updating straight away, but it’s usually ok for a point release. But I thought I’d ask if anyone has had issues with 8.4 so far? I hoping to hear nothing though.

KORG iM1 for iPad – Impression by tofubeats

Unleashing Creative Confidence with Ayah Bdeir at our Community Call (video)

Great to see littleBits doing so well and especially their latest funding news too.

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