The Korg iM1, The BIG Soundtest for iPad, Awesome Synth (video)

Amplitube 4, iOS, Ampeg Bass Tones Demo (video)

I Hope You Dance (instrumental demo)

I’m a big fan!

BIAS FX – Blues & Rock Pedalboards (video)

Chillout II: Signals by Clive Brooks (music)

Album Description:

A four-track EP influenced by signals and communications technology. Produced exclusively on an iPad using the Korg “Gadget” music production App.

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SynthMaster Player for iOS arrives

SynthMaster Player arrives …

“SynthMaster: The most powerful softsynth you may not have heard of” Keyboard Magazine

“If ever there was a desert island synth, SynthMaster is it, covering all sonic bases with authority and a superb tone” Computer Music Magazine

“Many developers say that they’ve produced the one and only synth you’ll ever need, but we’ve always felt that was a dubious claim. In SynthMaster’s case, though, it’s one that rings true” MusicRadar


SynthMaster Player for iPad is the mobile player version the award winning SynthMaster software synthesizer. It is targeted towards users who prefer to use presets rather than designing their own sounds during music production. Although it is a preset based player, users can edit the following preset parameters:

  1. 8 easy parameters assigned by the sound designer
  2. 2 XY Pads assigned by the sound designer
  3. Effect bypass states and send amounts
  4. Layer bypass states and volumes
  5. Master volume, polyphony

The free app comes with 100 factory presets. When users complete registration by entering their names and email addresses they receive another 100 factory presets as a bonus!

After completing registration, users can upgrade to the Pro version of the app by purchasing the “Factory Presets” bank via In-App-Purchase (IAP). With the Pro Upgrade all of the 800 factory presets are loaded and also the following features are unlocked:

  1. Users can save the changes they have made to the presets.
  2. Users can purchase additional preset banks via In-App-Purchase (IAP). We currently have 28 additional preset banks that contain 1750 presets for various genres/styles.
  3. Existing SynthMaster users can download their previously purchased SynthMaster preset banks inside the app, so that they don’t have to purchase them again.
  4. Existing SynthMaster users can export their own presets in SynthMaster v2.7 and import them into SynthMaster Player for iPad using iTunes.


The built-in 2 octave keyboard with pitch and modulation wheels lets users play notes without having to connect an external MIDI controller to their iPad. With its Scale functionality, it shows the users the notes on the scale, and with its Chord functionality the user can play a certain chord by pressing a single note.


SynthMaster Player for iPad supports CoreMIDI and also virtual MIDI. It acts as a virtual MIDI destination for other DAW apps. Midi input device, midi input channel, and receive midi beat clock settings can be adjusted from the MIDI Settings window.


SynthMaster Player for iPad acts as an source/instrument in InterApp Audio. We demonstrate in our user manual how to connect it to InterApp enabled DAW apps.


SynthMaster Player for iPad acts as a source/instrument in AudioBus, with state saving enabled. We demonstrate in our user manual how to connect it to AudioBus enabled DAW apps.


Minimum Operating System Supported: iOS 7.0
Minimum Hardware Supported: iPad 3rd Generation
Recommended Hardware: iPad Air and above

The app is free on the app store:

iPad solo: Geo Synthesizer + BIAS FX (video)

Video description:

“Track created with Korg Electribe EMX-1 and Electribe ER-1. Solo played on Geo Synthesizer for iPad using BIAS FX for amp simulation, reverb, delay and drive.”

Whatever it is that’s coming from Mr HumbleTune, I’m sure it’ll be good …


haQ attaQ 63 – How to make tutorials – iPhone / iPad – App Audio & Voice-Over (video)

CZ App for iPad 1.0.8 arrives

Here’s what’s new in the CZ App for iPad:

  • Supported saving config value
  • Updated for the latest Audiobus SDK
  • Added privacy policy to config menu

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