FLUX:FX and the Keith McMillen SoftStep – A Perfect Pair (video)

Video description:

“Guitarist Adrian Belew demonstrates the power of the FLUX:FX audio processing app when combined with the Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep.”

FLUX:FX on the app store:

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MultitrackStudio for iPad 2.1 arrives

Here’s what’s new in MultitrackStudio for iPad 2.1:

  • Now includes 64 bits version (better performance).
  • On 64 bits iPads the Guitar Amp effect uses 4x oversampling instead of 2x (better sound).
  • Semi-transparent ‘Rewind’ / ‘To last start’ hints appear on touching transport counter box.
  • Onscreen MIDI keyboard is a bit smaller (except for Guitar and Drums layouts).
  • Height of full-size tracks is now automatically adjusted when MIDI keyboard appears or hides again.
  • Audiobus now works with 32 bits values instead of 16 bits.
  • Uses Audiobus 2.1.6 SDK.
  • Some graphics and user interface improvements.
  • Punch-in recording: transport now automatically starts at least one bar before punch-in point (2 seconds if editor timescale isn’t set to bars).
  • Improved MIDI recording compatibility (recording MIDI data from certain apps didn’t work).
  • Fixed: error message could appear after purchasing Pro Extension.
  • Fixed: issue with sending volume controllers (#7) to External MIDI Instruments

Because we love the molecule synth …

Molecule Synth from Molecule Synth on Vimeo.

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