Beautiful Crime (Remake with uFXloops) (video)

Video description:

“I produced this Instrumental Remake of the Daredevil Title Beautiful Crime by Grayson Sanders (Tamer) as a showcase for uFXloops and to express my feelings for this epic song. This version has been produced from the first note to the final production on a Samsung Galaxy S4 with uFXloops. The only post processing was to convert it to mp3 from ogg.
Downloadable Track on Soundcloud:

More information about ufxloops can be found here:

Get uFXloops on Google Play:

Please like and share and leave a comment. I will publish a making-of video if uFXloops users are interested in that, to show how the beats were made, which mixersettings in uFXloops have been used, and some little tricks to create the ambience.

Very special thanks to Grayson Sanders for allowing me to publish this remake.

Samples Attributions (Creative Commons Attribution):
oboe, original Author: mancini,
jaz-epi-3-5, original Author: erh,
dancepiano, original Author: alfa,
vibes, original Author: mancini,
cinematicboomnorm, original Author: HerbertBoland,
pearl vinnie paul snare 14×8 rimshot, original Author: pjcohen,

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