Hexaglyphics Noise Generator, Demo for iPad (video)

Mobile music session with NinjaJamm, ElasticDrums & Impaktor (video)

Video description:

“Mobile music session with NinjaJamm, ElasticDrums & Impaktor

“Audience playing with some mobile music apps after Matt Black’s talk about SyncJams”

Too brief!

SyncJams iOS demos (video)

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – 76Synthesizer (video)

DFX – Digital Multi-FX V2.0, MIDI (video)

Quick Session: Nanoloop vs. Korg Monotron Delay (video)

Sunday Synth Jam (April 26 2015) (video)

Video description:

“Havin’ fun on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Featuring:

Roland Alpha Juno 1
Korg X5Dr
Waldorf Blofeld
Mopho Desktop
Magellan iOS Synth
Novation Bass Station II
Beatmaker 2 iOS midi sequencer”

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