Back in 2009: Yonac’s miniSynth 2.0 arrived

miniSynth was one of the very first synth apps to hit the app store back in the early days of the iPhone and iPod Touch. I can remember first trying it out and being amazed by it. so it was great to see it get an update back in 2009. And it was worth the wait. miniSynth 2 brought recording and exporting too.

Wotja FREE Text to Music Writer with Relaxing Generative Background Music (iPhone) (video)

Video description:

“Relax – express yourself with Wotja FREE. Add text and emoji and it will create a beautiful tune for you, then select a relaxing generative music backing. It’s easy, fun, personal and magical. You can even share your wotja music via a tweet, facebook post, instant message or email!”

Back in 2008: Concreted0g’s show …

Back then I didn’t know him so well as now, but his interesting music of musical ability and the constant need to tinker and make interesting things has made us good friends now. It’s nice to think that he’s still doing cool stuff as he did back in 2008 at this gig.

pyxis minor 1.3 arrives

pyxis minor 1.3:

Improved audio effects by smoothing parameter changes and adding interpolating delay lines for pitch warbles.

Wireless syncing between 2 devices using Korg’s Wireless Sync-Start Technology (WIST). This functionality can be found in the global settings menu.

Additional tutorial images to illustrate how to use the in-built audio effects!

Back in 2007: The first time I saw the Akai Trackman

This has always been like some kind of mythical creature for me. I’ve never seen one in the flesh, and I’ve never managed to get hold of one either. I’d love to have one, but I know I’d have no use for it either!

Loopy Masterpiece: Data (video)

In 2008: More on the iPhone as a controller

Another step on the way to the iPhone’s place in music making today, from back in 2008. You can read it here.

Wotja 1.7.1 arrived

Here’s what’s new in Wotja:

  • All new visualiser with 3 new settings: Vis, Size and Opacity
  • Fixed the issue of occasional hanging notes
  • Simplified the URL export to create “Wotja Music URLs” which include the tune, params and emoji, but no other text
  • Now much easier to share Wotja Music URLs in instant messaging apps with shortening
  • New option to export Wotja Music URL directly into Messages app widget
  • Revised Player Repeats/Range parameters to now define the total number of times a melody is played (play count), whether a variation or not, rather than to define the number or repeats of a variation; this means that after the play count is reached, no melody will play
  • Improved Action/Sharing popup ordering
  • Much nicer load screen
  • Bug fixes

And there’s also the free version too.

In 2007 we still wondered about 3rd party apps on the iPhone

We didn’t have anything to worry about, but back then Apple had decided that 3rd party apps were a bad thing and web apps were best for everyone. Read the rest here

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