Back in 2010: The mobile music alphabet – I

Surely everything starts with an “i” now? Anyway, here was my mobile music alphabet for “i” back in 2010. There are loads to choose from now of course, what would be yours?

Back in 2010: The mobile music alphabet – H

Another mobile music alphabet, this time for the letter H. Again, there are some of my old favs in there, and some things that are no longer available too, which is a shame. So what would your “H” entries be now?

Back in 2010: Phone Guitar

But this isn’t like any kind of iOS guitar you might be used to now. It is interesting to see how people experimented a bit more back in 2010.

Back in 2009: Colossus running a Moog

Whenever I see this it reminds me that I never made one of these but always meant to get around to it. Great to see it in action though.

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