Rhythm necklaces …

Rhythm Necklace App from Rhythm Necklace on Vimeo.

Video description:

“Rhythm necklaces are circular representations of repeating patterns. They’ve found application in fields as varied as Crystallography, Radio Astronomy, Nuclear Physics, and Ethnomusicology. When applied to musical rhythms, circular representations show the underlying geometric properties that make them enjoyable, such as the degrees of evenness and symmetry. Computer scientist Godfried Toussaint has found that analyzing rhythms geometrically reveals surprising relationships between rhythms the world over. In fact, Toussaint has shown how a core group of geometric algorithms can generate rhythms employed in African, Cuban, Balkan, and Spanish folk music, to name a few. The Rhythm Necklace iOS app is a musical sequencer for exploring the geometry of rhythm necklaces, and for experimenting with generating rhythms algorithmically.

Rhythm Necklace is made by Meara O’Reilly and Sam Tarakajian.”

Happy app birthday to Bacterial Orchestra

Bacterial Orchestra arrived back in 2009 on this date, but I have to admit that I never really got my head around it.

Galileo and Tonestack Classic Rock Organ Sound for iPad (video)

Galileo and Tonestack Classic Rock Organ Sound for iPad

Back in 2010: The mobil music alphabet – G

Another mobile music alphabet from the past. This time G, with some apps that have disappeared from view and some old favourites in there too. So, what would be in your entries for G now?

Crystal Synth XT update adds MIDI input selection

Nice to see Crystal Synth XT get an update. Here’s what’s new:

“Added MIDI Input Selector. MIDI device and channel may now be selected. Also fixes a display problem with pop up menus on iPhone6. Positive reviews are always appreciated!”

Back in 2010: iSequence HD arrives

This was a big step forward and a really lovely app with great sounds and possibilities.

Back in 2010: A first look at the iRig

Amazing to think of a time before this stuff was around, but here we are, the first look at the iRig / AmpliTube combo from IK.

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