Preview: KV331 Audio Synthmaster Player IOS (video)

Video description:

“This is a preview about KV331 Audio Synthmaster Player IOS

SynthMaster Player for iPad is the mobile player version of SnthMaster. It is targeted towards users who prefer to use presets rather than designing their own sounds during music production. Although it is a preset based player, users can edit the following parameters:

  • 8 easy parameters assigned by the sound designer
  • 2 XY Pads assigned by the sound designer
  • Effect bypass states and send amounts
  • Layer bypass states and volumes
  • Master volume, polyphony

The free app comes with 100 factory presets. When users complete registration by entering their names and email addresses they receive another 100 factory presets as a bonus. After completing registration, users can upgrade to the Pro version of the app by purchasing the “Factory Presets” bank via In-App-Purchase (IAP) for $9.99. With the Pro Upgrade all of the 800 factory presets are loaded and also the following features are unlocked:

Users can save the changes they have made to the presets
Users can purchase additional preset banks via In-App-Purchase (IAP)
Existing SynthMaster users can download their previously purchased SynthMaster preset banks inside the app, so that they don’t have to purchase them again
Existing SynthMaster users can export their own presets in SynthMaster v2.7 and import them into SynthMaster Player for iPad using iTunes.”

Flection by elephantcandy, Waveshaper for iPad (video)

BIAS FX – Dual Amps (video)

Jakob Haq – “Psychodelight” – Live Figure Jam (video)

Jakob Haq – "Psychodelight" – Live Figure Jam (video)

Flection – the ultimate waveshaper for iPad

Flection is the ultimate waveshaper for iPad. Select one of the more than 30 base transfer functions and adjust it with exceptional accuracy and flexibility. Use the pre-equalizer for additional frequency-specific shaping. No less than six different real-time audio visualisations (including spectrum difference view and I/O audio histogram) give you a complete picture of the audio before and after processing. Mix between your four favourite shaping presets in performance mode. Full Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatibility allows for the interconnection with other iPad apps.

Flection is an advanced precision tool for shaping your sound. It offers high quality stereo audio processing at very low latency, flexible control and multifaceted visual feedback. Waveshaping is typically known to work great for guitar distortion, but you can use Flection just as well to spice up your drums, mangle your vocals or enhance your synths.

Flection – the ultimate waveshaper costs $9.99

Things really have changed haven’t they

I can remember a time not so long ago when this headline would have had a ‘Don’t …’ prefixed to it. Not so now. Things have really moved on now and mobile, especially iPad based music has really become quite mainstream already.

ENKL 30 sec “Bass Bump” Patch – haQ MP #15 – VST/AU/iOS

ENKL 30 sec "Bass Bump" Patch – haQ MP #15 – VST/AU/iOS

haQ attaQ 59 – “Bazztard” 64 Argon presets FREE (video)

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