Rhythm Necklace Geometric Sequencer, Tutorial for iPad (video)

Steel Guitar 2.0 for iPad and iPhone (video)

M01D and DS10+ Continuous (video)

Video description:

“Got carried away. I imagined a 20 minute thing. Turned into 40 something minutes. haha. It’s been too long since I’ve made anything for Youtube. So here it is. Some new material and some old. Enjoy!”

Back in 2010: The mobile music alphabet – E

Another mobile music alphabet post from 2010 for the letter E which had a few things in there which have fallen by the wayside now. What would your entries be for the letter E now?

Back in 2009: Psynth for iPhone arrived

An app that was really very complex and ambitious for its time, Psynth arrived back in 2009 and you can read all about it here in the original post.

BIAS FX Review (video)

Back in 2008: Talking about PalmBuzzer

Back in 2008 I was still talking about the Palm OS and its apps quite a lot. This post was some thoughts about PalmBuzzer, which was an unexpected app that turned up back then. You can read it here.

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