Happy birthday PianoFly Pro Synth!

PianoFly Pro Synth from miniMusic was first released today, the third of May, in 2009. Of course, miniMusic are one of the original pioneers of mobile music, starting with their ground breaking Palm OS apps, so it was great to see them bring out PianoFly back in 2009.

Back in 2011: Things that I missed back then

And to an extent, I still do miss them, but Palm OS really is over, and even though I like to tinker with it occasionally I can’t see me doing anything really serious with it. However, never say never, right?

Back in 2010: The mobile music alphabet – C

Another mobile musical alphabet that would look very different now than in 2010. So what would your apps or hardware beginning with C look like now? Here’s what it was for me in 2010.

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