Some reasons why I love elastic drums so much

I’ve mentioned elastic drums on many occasions before. You’ve probably noticed that. It’s an app I’m very fond of, but why? Well I’m planning to answer that here. 

I’m a big fan of drum machines but specifically drum synths. Samples are fine but most of all I love using synthesis for drum sounds. There aren’t too many drum synths and far fewer really good ones so finding a really top class drum synth is a joy. Elastic drums is just such an app. 

So why is it so good? Simply put it is just so versatile and flexible. In fact you might even say it’s elastic. 

So let’s take a look at what makes elastic drums so good. I’m not going to run through its features in oSome sort of coherent I rder. I’m going to tell you the features that I like.

First off, automation:
I love being able to automate parameters and with elastic drums you can automate everything. All parameters for each drum sound can be automated with total ease. It is a complete dream. I love it. 

And then of course there’s randomness:

We all have times when there’s just no inspiration around and at those times a little bit of randomness can be just the ticket.  Elastic drums has a wonderful range of randomness built in. But it isn’t just random randomness, if that makes any sense to you. Elastic drums gives you options for randomness, and I like that. Here’s what you can randomise:

  • Random sequencer – Very handy for some pattern variation
  • Random instruments – For hopefully interesting sounds
  • Random instruments and sequencer
  • And finally, random everything!

So, those are two of my favourite features of elastic drums but that really is just the tip of the iceberg. Elastic drums has so much to offer, and I suppose most of all, it sounds great.

So why should you try out elastic drums? That’s maybe what you’re asking yourself. Well if your looking for a drum machine app that gives you nice natural or realistic drum sounds you can stop now. Elastic drums isn’t going to be for you. However if you’re looking for a drum app that’s going to give you almost complete flexibility to create unique drum sounds then you’ve found what you’re looking for. Elastic drums is it. 

The sound design possibilities in elastic drums is fantastic. It has a lot of presets to get you started, but actually making sounds in Elastic is a doddle. There are some nice categories to work things out, but if you’ve ever used a drum synth, or for that matter any type of synth you’ll find yourself right at home.

So what does it actually sound like? Have a listen …

So, if you like what you hear, what you’ve read, you should get it. If electronic drum sounds are what you like, you’ll never look back …

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