Well this had to happen didn’t it … Here’s Watch Band

Get your Wrist Rockin’! Watch Band puts a whole band on your wrist. Choose from an assortment of instruments or control your favorite MIDI applications.

Featured on Stuff.tv – ’10 properly interesting apps for your new Apple Watch’ –
“We’re not sure whether this app is mad or brilliant — it’s probably a bit of both.”

*** Low 0.99 Launch Price!!! Get Rockin’ Now! ***


Watch Band turns your Watch into an amazing new musical instrument that you will love once you try it. High quality samples are included to keep you sounding great.

  • Guitar Chords
  • Drums Pads
  • Rhythm Loops
  • A Full 88 Key Piano!

Jam with your friends as you discover a whole new way to make music.


Watch Band also functions as a complete wireless MIDI controller on your wrist. Watch Band uses your iPhone and Core Midi to connect to all your favorite Midi capable applications. So much can be done with just a tap on your wrist.

  • Control Pro Tools / Logic / Live or other MIDI applications
  • Set Tap Tempos for effects or delays
  • Toggle effects on & off
  • Adjust recording levels
  • Tweak your mix from anywhere!

Watch Band has a variety of midi control screens to choose from including Buttons, Pads, Switches…even a Multi Channel Mixer!


Watch Band brings making music to a whole new world. Being able to realize an idea with just a tap on the wrist provides creative freedom not before experienced. It’s also terrific fun. You’ll love hanging out with pals creating mini concerts together.


The Watch Band iPhone app is a full featured player and midi controller as well. It also provides presets and options to configure your Watch layout in any way you wish!

Expect lots more from Watch Band. As we get this show on the road look out for cool new additions like:

  • Expanded Sample Packs
  • Additional Instruments
  • Additional Screen Designs
  • Open Sound Control
  • Added Sensor Controls
  • …and much much more.

We are only getting warmed up. Watch Band will keep your Wrist Rockin’!

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