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nils update brings new features

Here’s what’s new in nils:

  • Fixing audiobus layout quirks.
  • Adding loop tempo quantization function.
  • Adding duplicate loop function.
  • Adding 64 bit processor support.

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Claydr MIDI Keyboard | Ableton & Traktor controller for iPad (video)

Video description:


• 4 rows onscreen. Each row can contain a different octave. Each row settings can be edited independently.

• Row settings:
-ADD NOTE: add up to 3 complementary notes to the one you play.
-3 VELOCITY MODES: Manual, Random and Fixed.
-SPREAD: add supplementary notes on higher and lower octaves of your choice.
-RANDOM: generate random complementary notes on the same scale you are playing.
-HOLD: add sustain to the notes you play.
-BEND: tremolos and pitch bending by simply moving your finger left and right on a key.

• More parameters can be set using the CLAYDR SHIFT Mode:
-Select the scale and key you want to play. 58 to choose..
-KEY mode to see only your scale’s notes.
-CHROMATIC mode to see the whole keyboard.

• When using Claydr with a MIDI keyboard, it can correct out of scale notes, add chords and apply any of its improvements to your performance.


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Introducing CONDUCTR 2 | Ableton & Traktor controller for iPad (video)


“It’s like having Traktor at your fingertips. It helps you disconnect from the computer screen with the comfort of accessing your tools rapidly and securely”

Conductr 2 is an app for iPad that works as an environment within which users can load and build modules to control Ableton Live and Traktor.

Every artist is unique, so their tools should be as well. Conductr is an app that musicians and DJs alike can design according to their specific needs. And it keeps growing with the regular release of new modules.

Both the Ableton Live and the Traktor controller interfaces have been designed to provide artists with a different kind of experience: one that makes sense on an iPad. For Conductr, it is not about mimicking hardware or desktop software on the iPad, but to develop a new way of interacting with music.

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Conductr 2 arrives

Introducing Conductr 2: a modular environment where you can add the modules you want in order to control Ableton Live or Traktor.

  • Flexible interface: up to 4 slots for any deck you want to place (even duplicate them).
  • Each deck features 3 different view modes:
  • Player: Control track browsing, progress bar, loops, cues, sync, tempo and flux, plus bend and jog touchstrips.
  • Mixer: Control volume, 3 band EQs with kills, 2 filter modes (Lo and Hi pass), monitor your cues, key note control and gain adjust.
  • Fx: Control single or grouped fx units, automatic display of all fx and parameters’ names and control types, and create your own single or grouped fx presets.
  • New interface color palette.
  • Upgraded Conductr icon.

IMPORTANT: Upgrade your Conductr Server at (https://www.conductr.net) to version 2.0 in order to use Conductr 2.

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Making Samples with AudioCopy (video)

Video description:

“Every year Retronyms takes a hackathon retreat know as “The Debacle!” This year we come to you from the shores of Santa Cruz, CA with a simple demo on how to make samples with AudioCopy. More Debacle videos coming soon!”

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A little update for TC-Data

Here’s what’s new in TC-Data:

New Features:

  • Support for TC-Orbiter

Bug Fixes:

  • OSC crashes fixed

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MESSE 2015: Waldorf Attack For iPad – Sings (video)