OP-1 Ambient Music Jam (w/ Eurorack & Buddha Machine 5) #TTNM (video)

SynthTronica is still currently free

In case you missed it, SynthTronica is currently free and well worth downloading for your iPad.

BIAS FX – Rock Pedalboard (video)

Video description:

“Steve Booke shows how you can create a rock style pedalboard with BIAS FX. BIAS FX is the world’s first cross-platform, fully customizable amp-and-effects processor. It’s seamlessly integrated with BIAS Amp Designer, and you can create and download thousands of guitar pedalboards and rigs from ToneCloud.”

Create Musical Water Targets with the Makey Makey Module (video)

Video description:

“Instructions at: http://littlebits.cc/projects/musical-water-targets

Blast away some simple tunes with Musical Water Targets! Use water to close the circuit and jam out on your computer with the Makey Makey keyboard app.

How it Works:

The Makey Makey module is grounded to one of each of the nodes in every target. Each of the three outputs on the Makey makey module is attached to each of the remaining nodes. When water hits the target, it completes the circuit between the two nodes, sending a signal through the Makey Makey module.

Set your Makey Makey up to any of the musical interfaces on Makey Makey’s website, and jam away.

littleBits is the easiest way to learn and invent with electronics. Learn more at littleBits.cc

Introducing: The Makey Makey Module (video)

Video description:

“More at http://littlebits.cc/bits/makey-makey

Make the mundane momentous with Makey Makey and littleBits! With the Makey Makey Bit, you can use everyday objects to trigger your Bits and control cursors on your computer’s keyboard, or even control your computer with Bits. Perfect for newbies and experts doing art, engineering, and everything in-between.

littleBits is the easiest way to learn and invent with electronics. Find out more at littleBits.cc

7 Minutes with an iPad Synth Caustic Subsynth

How Do It: Paste to Alchemy from AudioCopy (video)

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