FX Live 2 version 1.2 is here

Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed bug with pan position getting lost when a clip loops
  • Fixed an issue that caused the effect name to be changed if you clicked on a file in the select screen but then selected cancel.

New Features

  • Perform screen cue list now shows the duration of the cue which in the case of multiple events in the cue is the longest duration.
  • Event countdown changes to show the fade out count when an event is fading.
  • New option in the audio effect properties dialog to allow an effect to be marked as ‘don’t fade end’ This is used when you have an effect that normally you want to let run to its natural end but want the option to fade it early if you need to. So setting this option allows you to set a fade out time that will only be used if you leave the effect early either by stop or by moving to another CUE.
  • Pressing STOP on the effect players has been changed to use the programmed fade out time of the effect and not the emergency fade time. The STOP ALL button will still fade any running effects immediately regardless of their set fade times.


  • You can now share archives between compatible devices using AirDrop, this will work over Wi Fi or Bluetooth automatically and is very fast. You can share archives between FX Live and FX Lite using this method as well. Press the share button on the show archive list on the home screen.


  • Added the ability to print a cue sheet of the current show by pressing the print button on the shows list on the home screen


  • In addition to the learn mode you can now enter MIDI codes manually by clicking on any of the MIDI code displays. A new MIDI entry dialog allows you to enter values in either decimal or hex.

Google Drive

  • FX Live is now fully integrated with Google Drive for storing archives as well as loading audio files. To use this feature you need to link the app to your Google Drive account using the button in the settings screen. This is only needed once.
  • You can then use the archive to Google button on the home screen, this may take a while if its a big show but you will get a message when its completed.
  • You can import audio directly from Google Drive to the application from within the file import dialog. A new Google Drive button allows you to list all audio stored on your drive in any directory or search for files containing a specific name.

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