Motion Synth 1.1

Here’s what’s in Motion Synth 1.1:

  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE (beta, for iOS 8+ only): Control laptop software via Bluetooth. Send low-latency MIDI messages from the Motion Synth to your mac via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection.
  • Send MIDI over USB: Now compatible with the MusicIO app, allowing the Motion Synth to control your mac audio software via your iPhone USB (Lightning) cable. Simply run the MusicIO app in the background to transmit all the Motion Synth’s MIDI messages to your mac via your iPhone cable. The MusicIO is also the first app to allow realtime audio transfer from your iOS device to your mac, allowing you to record your iPhone audio performances into your choice of audio software with pristine digital quality. Super simple, reliable, low-latency, and also works with extra long iPhone USB sync cables! See available USB alternatives for PCs at
  • Video tutorial: A step-by-step video guide for setting up the Garageband app to work with the Motion Synth app has been integrated into the Motion Synth app.
  • Feedback button added to “Help / Account” screen (“Help / Upgrade” screen in the Single-Key version of the app).
  • Bug fixes.

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