ToneStack FX & Amps Processor for iOS – Hard Rock 1 Bundle (video)

Video description:

Yonac is having another ToneStack video contest! This time it’s for their featured Bundle of the Month: Hard Rock 1! And it’s 50% for the month of April!

Check out our forum for more info

Their Hard Rock 1 bundle is a salute to the glory days of rock. It includes the basics heard around the world at Monterey, Woodstock, Leeds and Pompeii.

Here are the amps: ’67 Anglia, the quintessential British 4×12, here offered with the channel-jumpering trick built in to its Ch. 2. Albert, with its greater headroom and tamed harmonics representing a power stage built around the EL34. Silver Trembler, in stark contrast, is influenced by arguably the most popular recording amp of the era, complete with tubey tremolo and a decent take at genuine spring reverb.

The FX are the infamous red, round, facey fuzz, of germanium persuasion (Fuzz Maze); a take on the early orange distortion (although they appeared late in the era — here called Orange Distortion); a dual-mode wah based on the American (“Thomas” mode) and British / Italian units (“Coy”) built between 1966 and 1969 (coyly named Wah 1969); an “Opti-Vibe” with its uneven, jittery optical rotary cab emulation, as well as a “Cosmic Echo”, a tape echo simulator with 4 heads that you can cascade and dial in different rhythmic repeats, with optional tape distortion and what-have-you.

The Hard Rock 1 Bundle is on sale (50% off) through April 30!
*Hard Rock 1 Bundle is included in the Motherload v1.0 Bundle

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