New in Loopy and Loopy HD

Here’s what’s new in Loopy and Loopy HD:

  • Added hold (long press) trigger type for MIDI controllers
  • Revised binding actions UI: actions can now be edited, specific trigger states can be selected, and actions now have descriptions
  • Replaced MIDI clock implementation with The Spectacular Sync Engine prerelease
  • Added “Prime recording” action
  • Added “Tempo nudge up” and “Tempo nudge down” actions
  • Added “Mute” action
  • Added “Toggle mute/mute after record” action
  • Added “Decay” adjust action
  • Performance improvements for iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6
  • Fixed problems with timed mute/unmute lag
  • Persist time signature across session reset
  • Fixed responsiveness issue with track menu
  • Added Inter-App Audio Sync switch
  • Improved session pause/unpause microfade
  • Addressed some re-record audio truncation issues
  • Fixed playback issue on initial manual punch-out
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Added German translation

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