haQ attaQ 53 – DubStep Modulation Tutorial – Thor (video)

Music IO: Audio and MIDI over USB 1.1 arrives

Here’s what’s new in Music IO: Audio and MIDI over USB:

Version 1.10 brings audio over USB! With Inter-App Audio support built in, you can host synthesizer and effect apps within Music IO, and send the audio to a Mac with amazingly low latency. All audio data is transmitted in 32-bit floating point, so there’s no degradation of sound; what your Mac receives is crystal clear.

Music IO integrates both audio and bi-directional MIDI functionality into a single app. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and better yet: one app means less processing and memory demands on your iOS device. This lets you use more instruments, create more complicated sounds, and add more (and more sophisticated) effects.

Loopy Masterpiece: Squandering the creative (video)

synth-Q 1.0.2 brings fixes and improvements

Here’s what’s new in synth-Q:
bug fixes:

  • fixed IAA issues
  • fixed Core MIDI issues courtesy of MidiBus by Nic Grants
  • fixed preset export bug
  • fixed issues with stuck notes


  • added IAA Instrument MIDI support and transport controls
  • additional MIDI control support (sustian pedal, program/bank change)
  • added more info to subject lines for preset or recording e-mails
  • osc coarse number box range increased to +/- 36 semitones
  • added 64-bit support
  • CPU improvement
  • improvements in preset menus

Gallileo Organ 40 sec “Whiter Shade of Pale” patch – haQ MP #9 (video)

Gallileo Organ 40 sec "Whiter Shade of Pale" patch – haQ MP #9 (video)

Borderlands Granular 2.0 is here at last

We’ve waited so long, and at last it has arrived. Here’s what’s new …

New Features:

  • Audiobus Sender, Filter, and Receiver support
  • AudioShare import and export
  • Real time audio input recording and granulation
  • Gesture recording and looping for cloud parameters and positions
  • Save and load “scenes” – presets of clouds, sounds, and automation
  • Resonant filters for each grain cloud with per grain randomization
  • …and much more!


  • Fixed common sources of crashes on launch.
  • Better sample import options
  • Better performance, hardware accelerated audio
  • Support for external audio interfaces
  • Improved memory handling
  • Multiple sample rates and buffer sizes supported
  • Interface rotation supported
  • File sharing enabled

Liptikl, a new creative app from Intermorphic for working with text

Add text. Cut-up. Ready to use. This creative writing tool can help you come up with new and exciting word arrangements. If you write song lyrics, music lyrics, rap lyrics or any kind of lyrics then Liptikl and its cut-up approach might unlock cool new ideas for you. If you write copy, ads, haikus or poems, or even if you write at all, it could be just what you are looking for to spark something original and different.

The cut-up process is a powerful technique for stimulating creative writing. The random word associations Liptikl comes up with can give you new options to consider, bringing extra advantage & fresh ideas to explore.


  • “I used Liptikl extensively while writing lyrics for my last album and found it incredibly useful”, “Liptikl is the key to unlocking word combinations and mental scenery”


  • Help unblock writer’s block
  • Mash together up to 5 different bodies of text
  • Easily come up with new and exciting word arrangements
  • Get more ideas for music or rap lyrics, poems, copy or ads
  • Generate unusual, obscure, non-obvious, ambiguous and unexpected results
  • Randomise only the words you want to, lock the others


  • Input up to 5 different sources of words, paragraphs or other text material. The input sources could be complete chapters, tracts or paragraphs, news or current affairs, some of your past lyrics or writing, or even collections of your favourite words. Liptikl uses in-built rules to generate cut-up word arrangements from these.
  • Decide how you want the word output to look in terms of length and lines.
  • Create a cut-up to mix the words together, then customize and edit them to get your output.
  • ‘Lock down’ the words or arrangements that you like and use Liptikl to try other words in the unlocked positions.
  • Optional: Add favourite words to your own User Library and then choose how to blend those in with the other source material.
  • Tip: Files created in Liptikl Mobile can also be opened and used in Liptikl Desktop (available for purchase separately).

Example 1: Come up with something completely new. Try mixing a Shakespeare sonnet with some Tolstoy and then add in some show news story or headline.

Example 2: Start from something, and work around it. Load up some of your own writing and favourite words, and then let Liptikl replace certain words with those from your source material.

If you use Liptikl to come up with something you like, make sure that it does not infringe the copyright of any of your source material. Liptikl is pretty good at creating random “word cut-ups”, but it is just a tool for you to use to generate ideas. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you are not infringing anyone else’s copyright.

Liptikl costs $2.99 on the app store, click below …

TC-11 is still on sale

TC-11 is still on sale, it’s down from $29.99 to $24.99 to celebrate the arrival of the 2.0 version, which is pretty amazing.

Borderlands Granular … arriving tomorrow …

Borderlands Granular from Christopher Carlson on Vimeo.

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