Borderlands Granular Update Demo and for iPad, Stunning (video)

KORG Module 1.1 is features and fixes

Here’s what’s new in KORG Module 1.1:

  • Now supports MIDI Channel Change.
  • Now supports Global Transpose.
  • An issue that caused an unnecessary backup of “Ivory Mobile Grand” and “Wurley Electric Piano” in your iCloud is now fixed. Please ensure that you remake your iCloud back up in the iOS settings after updating.
  • Other improvements have been made to enhance stability.

TC-11 2.0: Split Screen and Tables (video)

Music IO — Audio and MIDI over USB (video)

Cubasis, Synthmaster, Reason, Sampletank, The Genesis Project (video)

Let’s Play with Egoist (video)

DMT 225: Landr, UMG, Vessel, YouTube Awards

Well done Artiphon, well over the $1m mark and still got 2 weeks to go!

I had no doubt that Artiphon’s INSTRUMENT 1 would easily clear the $1 million mark, and they have. They’ve still got 2 weeks to go on Kickstarter, so I think they’ll do even better. $2 million?

Maybe …

haQ attaQ 53 – DubStep Modulation Tutorial – Thor (video)

Music IO: Audio and MIDI over USB 1.1 arrives

Here’s what’s new in Music IO: Audio and MIDI over USB:

Version 1.10 brings audio over USB! With Inter-App Audio support built in, you can host synthesizer and effect apps within Music IO, and send the audio to a Mac with amazingly low latency. All audio data is transmitted in 32-bit floating point, so there’s no degradation of sound; what your Mac receives is crystal clear.

Music IO integrates both audio and bi-directional MIDI functionality into a single app. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and better yet: one app means less processing and memory demands on your iOS device. This lets you use more instruments, create more complicated sounds, and add more (and more sophisticated) effects.

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