I you haven’t heard about MicSwap Pro, then you really need to now

I thought I should put down some thoughts about this app as it’s one that may have escaped your attention and it really shouldn’t have.

I have to admit to being slightly sceptical about this app initially. It is after all a very impressive idea and quite a task to get that many mics together and properly represent their characteristics. So when I tried it out I wondered if the differences in each would actually be perceptible, or if the mics would largely sound the same but with tiny differences.
I have to admit to being very pleasantly surprised. In fact that statement really doesn’t do this app justice at all. I was actually very impressed indeed.

I’ve been using MicSwap as an IAA in Multitrack DAW to add character to existing vocals. The results are truly excellent. The modelling capability is amazing. Really amazing. The range of different mics that you can access is superb and affords you a really interesting sound palette of ways to alter and improve a vocal. I really didn’t think that it was going to be possible but the results were great.

Each mic has a very distinct character and response and the app’s UI makes it very easy to swap between them quickly and easily. I guess it would have to with a name like MicSwap! I can see this app becoming one that I use very regularly with all vocal work. It’s simple to use yet very powerful indeed, and that makes it an excellent mobile music app in my book, and the fact that it’s also universal is even better.

So I’m giving a very firm recommendation to anyone looking for a wide range of mic emulations to try this app out. You can of course use the lite version but I’d say that the full version is well worth the money. 

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