TC-11 version 2 arrived and it’s on sale too

TC-11 version 2 has some great new features, and you can see a bunch of them in the previous video posts, but it’s on sale too and is down from $29.99 to $24.99.

Here’s what’s in version 2.0:

  • Granular Oscillator
  • New patch editor, with drag-and-drop controllers
  • One-button tuning
  • Live patch UI display
  • New patch organizer, with tag filtering
  • New synthesis engine
  • New Table module
  • Many new controllers, totaling over 300!

TC-11 2.0: Quick Tuning (video)

“A fast demonstration of tuning a patch using the Transpose menu.”

TC-11 2.0 Patch: Cascade Arpeggio (video)

“A demo of how Touch Size (the amount of your finger in contact with the screen) can be used to affect a patch.”

TC-11 2.0 Patch: Ciani Arpeggio (video)

“In 1980 Suzanne Ciani did a segment on 3-2-1 Contact where she demos a Buchla 200 series. Check out the great video, which inspired this new patch for TC-11 2.0.”

TC-11 2.0 Patch: Transona Lead (video)

Needed a little help on the accompaniment for this one, so I went with Stereolab’s ‘Transona Five’ from Mars Audiac Quintet:

TC-11 2.0: Patch Overview

The patching area of TC-11 2.0 is all new, and has some great new features that make programming a patch easier and more responsive.

Don’t forget that Laplace is still on sale

Laplace is on sale and down in price by 33% and is down from $5.99 to $3.99. It’s on sale until the 29th.

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