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TC-11 version 2 arrived and it’s on sale too

TC-11 version 2 has some great new features, and you can see a bunch of them in the previous video posts, but it’s on sale too and is down from $29.99 to $24.99.

Here’s what’s in version 2.0:

  • Granular Oscillator
  • New patch editor, with drag-and-drop controllers
  • One-button tuning
  • Live patch UI display
  • New patch organizer, with tag filtering
  • New synthesis engine
  • New Table module
  • Many new controllers, totaling over 300!

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TC-11 2.0: Quick Tuning (video)

“A fast demonstration of tuning a patch using the Transpose menu.”

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TC-11 2.0 Patch: Cascade Arpeggio (video)

“A demo of how Touch Size (the amount of your finger in contact with the screen) can be used to affect a patch.”

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TC-11 2.0 Patch: Ciani Arpeggio (video)

“In 1980 Suzanne Ciani did a segment on 3-2-1 Contact where she demos a Buchla 200 series. Check out the great video, which inspired this new patch for TC-11 2.0.”

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TC-11 2.0 Patch: Transona Lead (video)

Needed a little help on the accompaniment for this one, so I went with Stereolab’s ‘Transona Five’ from Mars Audiac Quintet:

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TC-11 2.0: Patch Overview

The patching area of TC-11 2.0 is all new, and has some great new features that make programming a patch easier and more responsive.

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Xynthesizr 1.5 min Dream waters patch – haQ MP #8 (video)

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Photophore Synth (video)

Photophore Synth 1.0.2 arrives with lots of goodness:

  • Performance improvements — up to 15% reduction in CPU usage!!
  • 6 new waveshapes! We’ve doubled the waveshape options, giving you a wide variety of new timbres. Enjoy!
  • Glide: smoothly glide between notes when in monophonic mode!
  • 12 new presets showcasing the six new wave shapes.
  • Added glide to two existing presets: Killer Reese and Mr Legato.
  • Fixed bug where Photophore would go to sleep while Inter App Audio was connected, causing it to disappear in the IAA host.

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Novation LaunchPad, 80’s Future Retro Pack Demo for iPad (video)

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VividTracker 1.3 arrives

Here’s what’s new in VividTracker 1.3:

New feature: AutoChord Keys. This is an amazing new feature that adapts the keys to only show the pentatonic scale for the current AutoChord. The last key (blue colour) will show the current chord. This makes it super easy to write music that goes in harmony with the current chord. You turn on AutoChord Keys by pressing the ACK-button on Screen 6.

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