0 comments on “Inside the box with the PO-12”

Inside the box with the PO-12

The inside of the box is really useful actually. It has a lot of information to get you started with your PO-12.

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Beatwave 2.5 – App Preview (iPhone)

Beatwave 2.5 – App Preview (iPhone) from Collect3 on Vimeo.

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Elastic Drums universal in review …

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Inconclusive — Caustic in Perspective (video)

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GuitarCapo+ Keyboard Soloing (video)

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Coming in SoundScaper 1.2 …

“What’s new will be in version 1.2? MIDI support, controls mapping, something else?”

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Loopy Masterpiece: Prototyping (video)

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Teenage Engineering PO-14

Another lovely device in a lovely little box.

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Pepp Groovebox by Epicore, Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

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Close up with the Teenage Engineering PO-12

It’s a strange little box to be honest. I’m kind of sad to open it up as once you’ve done that there’s no going back at all. You can’t put the box back together once it’s opened. I suppose that says a lot really.

Anyway, for a little unit I do like the box, even if you do have to rip it open to get in there.

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