Last call for NanoStudio on sale this weekend

Just one last reminder for this weekend that NanoStudio is still on sale at half. It was $13.99 and now it’s $6.99, but for this weekend only, and there’s not much left of that now.

PhotoNoise is also free

PhotoNoise (another Nicholas Collins app) is also free although this one has been $1.99 since it first launched, but you can grab it for nothing right now.

Don’t forget that NanoStudio is on sale this weekend with 50% off

Just a reminder that NanoStudio is on sale at half for this weekend only. It was $13.99 and now it’s $6.99, but for this weekend only.

Voice Jam Studio still on sale

Voice Jam Studio is still back down to its launch price of $9.99. It was $14.99 before this and it’s really a bargain, so go check it out.

Different Drummer is still on sale

Different Drummer is still down to $12.99 from its previous price of $15.99. I think that this is the lowest price it’s ever been, so for this app $12.99 is a real bargain.

Back in 2007: Swivel Systems are gone

A sad day indeed. Their innovative SG20 module is beyond rare now. I was sad to know that they’d gone back then, and still sad that they couldn’t develop into something else. 2007: Swivel Systems are no more.
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