PhotoNoise is also free

PhotoNoise (another Nicholas Collins app) is also free although this one has been $1.99 since it first launched, but you can grab it for nothing right now.

Voice Jam Studio still on sale

Voice Jam Studio is still back down to its launch price of $9.99. It was $14.99 before this and it’s really a bargain, so go check it out.

Different Drummer is still on sale

Different Drummer is still down to $12.99 from its previous price of $15.99. I think that this is the lowest price it’s ever been, so for this app $12.99 is a real bargain.

Back in 2007: Swivel Systems are gone

A sad day indeed. Their innovative SG20 module is beyond rare now. I was sad to know that they’d gone back then, and still sad that they couldn’t develop into something else. 2007: Swivel Systems are no more.
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