Strangely I was only thinking about Soulsby Synths just the other day and wondering what he was up to. Now I know. I’m hoping for more news on Soulsby Synths soon too.

Video description:

“Live at the SWIM DEEP X CONVERSE PARTY in London 17th March 2015
Features 2 live Atmegatrons and an Ableton mix consisting mainly of Atmegatron sounds.
The jam is essentially a mash up of the DREAMTRAK Atmegatron demos, which can be heard here:
Annoyingly the camera ran out of battery half way through, so I’ve edited together a montage of the limited amount of phone media I had.
2 Atmegatron (1 loaded with Atmegatron software and 1 with Delayertron software)
Novation Launchpad

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