Let’s get Artiphon’s INSTRUMENT 1 over $1 million!


Now that Artiphon’s INSTRUMENT 1 has been on Kickstarter for a week it seems like a great idea to post about it again. I can’t believe how well they’ve done. Actually I can. It’s great to see.

I’d love to see them get over the $1 million mark. I’m pretty sure that they will.


New version of SeekBeats coming!

Soulsby Synths and DREAMTRAK live!! (video)

Strangely I was only thinking about Soulsby Synths just the other day and wondering what he was up to. Now I know. I’m hoping for more news on Soulsby Synths soon too.

Video description:

“Live at the SWIM DEEP X CONVERSE PARTY in London 17th March 2015
Features 2 live Atmegatrons and an Ableton mix consisting mainly of Atmegatron sounds.
The jam is essentially a mash up of the DREAMTRAK Atmegatron demos, which can be heard here: http://bit.ly/1luQyRy
Annoyingly the camera ran out of battery half way through, so I’ve edited together a montage of the limited amount of phone media I had.
2 Atmegatron (1 loaded with Atmegatron software and 1 with Delayertron software)
Novation Launchpad

What’s your app of the week?

What’s the app that’s been most useful or the most inspiring this week? Or maybe just the app that’s been your work horse for the last few days. Tell me which one it is and why.

DMT 224: SXSW Calling, Empire, Rhapsody, YouTube for Artists, Lamar most streamed

What’s you fav app and what do you want from it?

So, which app is keeping you busy right now and what would you really like to see it get updated with? What’s the feature you really want to see? Comment it in and here.
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