Old Grit – A Collection of Filthy Patches for the iVCS3 – patch demo (video)

Video description:

“I’m giving away a library of presets I made for the iVCS3. This collection embodies my love for imperfect, dirty, slightly ugly sounds that are both edgy and warm reminiscent of old tape recordings. Some presets are variations of one matrix patch, and not entirely unique, created for the convenience of switching from tone to tone without dialing in different settings each time. Don’t forget to read the performance notes to get a better understanding of each patch’s controls. Have fun and go crazy with it! Drop me a line if you find these patches useful in any way.

Disclaimer: Some patches are softer than most. When using these super soft patches, please do not forget to turn down your device’s output volume before switching to the next patch. This would prevent damage to your hearing and/or equipment. Use these patches at your own risk. I shall not be held liable for any damage to property or hearing resulting from the use of these patches. Safety first! The iVCS3 can get very loud in an instant. Keep your device’s audio output at moderate levels.”

Download Link here: http://wp.me/p4zJft-2A

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