Mutate is now free

Mutate only arrived on the app store the other day, but now it’s free for some reason. It was $1.99, but no more, it’s free. So go get it.

In case you don’t know what it’s about, here’s the app store description:

Discover new sound within sounds, create beats and textures.

Mutate has 5 waves, each powered by a granular synthesis voice, that create a wide range of sounds.

The interface allows sound to be explored; polyrythmic beats, dynamic layered textures or whatever you create.

The recordings can be exported and used in your music projects.

Record using the microphone and get sound packs with In-App Purchases.


5 waves, each configurable with:

  • 2 Granular modes – Overlap and normal indexing.
  • Various filters (low pass, high pass, notch etc.)
  • Zone selection within wave
  • Loop or backtrack
  • Forward or backward indexing
  • Octave increase (up to 7 octaves higher)
  • Grain Duration and Jump interval control
  • Solo
  • Volume and Pan

6 Channel mixer, 5 waves plus Master channel
In-App Purchases for various sound packs
Recording samples using the microphone
Share recordings
Save recordings to iTunes sharing folder
Save and load sessions

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