TC-11 2.0 Patch: Rosetta Bells (video)

TC-11 2.0 Patch: Rosetta Bells from Kevin Schlei on Vimeo.

Elastic Drums – Presets run through

“A quick step though some Elastic Drums demo’s made with the upcoming iPad version. Sorry for the miserable mix/crossings, it’s all quickly made inside the app with no further editing.”

Don’t forget that the price of Elastic Drums will go up at the end of the month.

iRig 2 – Overview (video)

You should get Elastic Drums now if you want to pay the regular price

I mentioned this yesterday, but it’s really worth mentioning again!

Elastic Drums is currently $7.99 and is one of the best drum synths on the app store. It’s well worth taking a look at, and if you don’t have it already, you should really consider getting it as the price goes up when it goes universal at the end of the month.

DXi FM 1.5 min DnB patch – haQ MP #6

Futulele 3 arrives

Here’s what’s new in Futulele 3:

  • New MIDI and File Managers!

Good to see that these apps are getting regular and good updates. Excellent stuff!

iGrand New Piano Soundpack 2 Demo for iPad

OMGuitar 3 arrives

Here’s what’s new in OMGuitar 3:

  • FX-Max button!
  • Two finger mute
  • New Midi Manager
  • New File Manager
  • Stability improvements

Night Ride 3 : Nature – Oscillator (video)

Video description:

“Experimental soundtrack made with “Nature – Oscillator” on Linux.
Really unique and amazing software synthesizer that is driven by video device :)”

CZ App for iPad update

Here’s what’s new in Casio’s CZ App for iPad 1.0.4:

  • Added audio control in MULTI PLAY.
  • Added knob control mode selection in confg menu.
  • Changed right and left button’s function in keyboard position pad.
  • Fixed a bug in keyborad view.
  • Fixed KEY TRANSPOSE in using external MIDI devices.

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