SoundScaper 1.1 new features (video)

SoundScaper 1.1 has been released!

Here’s what’s new in SoundScaper 1.1:

  • Advanced control panel for all faders and rotary knobs opened by double tap.
  • Simple automation of changing values in advanced control panels.
  • Advanced control panels for filter and delay modules.
  • New delay module with a smooth change of time.
  • Additional low-pass and high-pass filters for delay.
  • Phase shift mode for each channel in delay module.
  • Changing oscillator without closing oscillator control panel.
  • Mute and Solo mode for each oscillator.
  • Option to generate oscillator parameters without changing current sample.
  • Possibility to create new empty scene in the scenes manager.
  • Additional samples in built-in samples library.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Minor bug fixes. 5 MIDI Extreme

Video description:

“Using’s 5 MIDI Channels! – Music in no Time iPad app.”

MultitrackStudio for iPad 1.8 arrives

Here’s what’s new in MultitrackStudio for iPad 1.8:

  • MultitrackStudio Instruments: virtually all instruments sound better. Acoustic pianos respond to Soft pedal (controller #67). Bowed strings and many winds respond the Legato controller (#68). Synths have Filter and Resonance knobs. Drums have Bass/Snare/Toms/Hihat/Ride/Crash level knobs.
  • Track editors can copy to (or paste from) General Pasteboard or AudioShare. Swipe horizontally over the COPY (or PASTE) button to access these options.
  • MIDI editors: added ‘swing’ options to quantize resolution box.
  • MIDI pitch controller editor now has ‘R’ button to set pitch bend range.
  • ‘Export MIDI tracks’ can export to General Pasteboard.
  • Tracks can be switched to Practice Mode by doubleclicking the track’s Play button. Tracks can now be in Practice Mode regardless of instrument or effect panes being visible. Having multiple tracks in practice mode simultaneously is now possible.
  • Tempo editor: BPM lower limit lowered to 8 BPM, so there’s more room for fermata.
  • Soft-monitored audio tracks: level meter shows speaker symbol to indicate output clipping (the meter itself shows the input level).
  • Fixed: Stereo Imager wouldn’t convert stereo input to pure mono (Width=0 didn’t work).
  • Extension Pack now features Multiband Compressor effect.

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H-SIK, Elastic Drums (video)

Filtatron 1.3 arrives but it doesn’t seem to be a finished update

Here’s what’s new in Filtatron:

  • iOS8 Support
  • IAA Support
  • Audiobus Support
  • UI Changes to reflect available features

Known Issues:

Audiobus Efx/Output options deferred to later update
iOS7 Audiobus support unavailable on iPhone 5
iPhone 6+ Screen images too small for device

iVCS3 Tutorial #5 – Using the Sampler on the iVCS3 (video)

Visual Microphone for iOS arrives

Visual Microphone is a microphone monitor for iOS.

Visual Microphone may be used standalone or as an accessory to InterApp Audio Hosts apps like Garageband, allowing you to monitor your recording and adjust input gain and 3d sound position (currently much like stereo panning) in an interactive fashion.

Choose from 4 waveforms to monitor your input level and keep the dB of your input in sight.

Hint: Use headphones to avoid feedback loops

Visual Microphone costs $0.99 on the app store:

If you like the old retro Palm stuff …

Then you might want to try reading Palmorama as well as Palm Sounds. It might appeal to you retro sense. Give it a go
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