Uploaded with AudioShare app – This started as a groove on BleepBox I wrote on the plane, as with all Plane music the groove is a little ‘dense’, I blame background noise. Anyway – I bunged it into loopy, added 6 or more layers of Nave, then ported the lot to Nanostudio and added drums. (Pretty much my standard workflow) – added this vocal sample which I liked… and then mixed and chopped and mixed and chopped and added FX and took away FX and mixed etc etc. Just not that happy with it. I uploaded it last night and listened again and the Supersaw lead was way too prominent and there was too much of it, and the vocal was too quiet once the drums kicked in, and the drums were too loud. (all of this is down to ear-fatigue after 3 hours of remixing!!) so I deleted it, remixed, remastered (3 times) in AudioMastering and uploaded again, listened, deleted, remixed and remastered and uploaded again. And here we are. I hate it when it goes like this, some days I can do a whole track start to finish in an hour and a half… and some days…not. I was tempted to dump the whole project but I have the RULES and sticking to the rules has seem me through a lot of trouble. The rules work. So here it is. Tell Don – version 6? 7? Anyone new to the “Rules” :

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