This track was created for the iPad Musician Soundscaper Contest. The premise was to create the most experimental 1 and a half minutes of sound that you could. I was limited to the 8 tracks in the daw because Auria was not behaving for me. I used a variety of instruments recorded with my Apogee Jam audio midi interface and the lightening adapter. I first recorded the Korg Monotribe. The next track was the Gakken Sx-150 Mk 2 through the Korg KP3 played with the stylus. Then I recorded the Stylophone using the stylus and run through the KP3. Next couple of tracks utilized the Korg Wave Drum mini played live. Then I played the Korg Monotron through the KP3 and Then I took the clip from the Wave Drum and attached to the neck of my Mandolin and played that for a couple of tracks and it produced a weird sitar type of sound. I then mixed it and sent it to Audio Mastering and then uploaded directly to soundcloud. Thanks for listening.

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