Everest : Audio Looper update gets on the bus

Here’s what’s new in Everest : Audio Looper 1.0.2:

  • Added Audiobus support:
    • Input and Output Slots: Can be inserted as either a Sender or Receiver app.
    • Custom Triggers: Global Play/Pause toggle, Selected Looper Record/Play, and Incrementing of Selected Looper.
    • Monitoring: Audio from apps and microphone will be routed to the output automatically.
    • Loop audio from up to four apps/devices: Use hardware input channel assignments in Receive mode to route hosted audio streams to loops.
  • Added switch for length quantization of loop windows. While changing the length of a loop, if the length is close to matching an integer multiple of beats, the loop length/end will snap to the correct beat-aligned length.
  • Overdub and Replace edits/button presses can now quantize when ending the following modes: Record, Multiply, Insert, and Bounce.
  • Minor graphical fixes: Loop window colors now update more frequently when transitioning from background to foreground.

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