Touch Conspiracy is the latest netlabel to solely feature iOS music

And if you already know about this then my apologies as I’m a little late to the party on this one. Touch Conspiracy have three releases already on their netlabel.

Here they are …

So take a look, have a listen, and here’s to more release from Touch Conspiracy.


Everest : Audio Looper update gets on the bus

Here’s what’s new in Everest : Audio Looper 1.0.2:

  • Added Audiobus support:
    • Input and Output Slots: Can be inserted as either a Sender or Receiver app.
    • Custom Triggers: Global Play/Pause toggle, Selected Looper Record/Play, and Incrementing of Selected Looper.
    • Monitoring: Audio from apps and microphone will be routed to the output automatically.
    • Loop audio from up to four apps/devices: Use hardware input channel assignments in Receive mode to route hosted audio streams to loops.
  • Added switch for length quantization of loop windows. While changing the length of a loop, if the length is close to matching an integer multiple of beats, the loop length/end will snap to the correct beat-aligned length.
  • Overdub and Replace edits/button presses can now quantize when ending the following modes: Record, Multiply, Insert, and Bounce.
  • Minor graphical fixes: Loop window colors now update more frequently when transitioning from background to foreground.

Elastic Drums iPad version coming along nicely …

I’m really looking forward to this as it truly is one of the best iOS drum synths around.

A Change of Cosmic Address by Michael Hodges (aka MyklH)

Awesome music, made on iOS …

MIDI HACK 2 coming to Berlin

Looks like fun if the last one was anything to go by. Details here.

Theremini Advanced Software Editor 1.1

This was a while back, but in case you missed it, as did I in fact, here’s what’s been updated …

  • Added SEND all presets function to Library Manager.
  • Updated and greatly improved editor user manual (found in settings view)
  • Fixed QUICK SAVE crash bug.
  • Fixed preset name corruption bug.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

MIDIWidget: Control anything via MIDI (on Kickstarter)

I’ve been meaning to post this and just haven’t gotten around to it until now. It’s passed its funding goal and has a few days left so I thought I should share it as it may well be useful to some people.

Wilsonic 1.2 arrived

Here’s what’s new in Wilsonic 1.2:

  • 4 new scale designs: Tetrany, Tetrany Minor, Tetradic Diamond, and Hexany Diamond.
  • Convenient arrows to scroll through your Favorites.
  • Convenient arrows to scroll through Erv Wilson’s scale designs, while preserving your seed values for related scale designs.
  • Re-arranged top toolbar for better user experience.

QOTD: How has mobile changed your music making?

In fact, probably the better question would be, has it changed your music making at all, and if it has, then in what ways? Do you think it’s better, or just different? Interested to know.
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