So, what do we think of the Apple Watch?

I’m sort of surprised and sort of not surprised that there haven’t been many reactions from the iOS music community about the watch. I’m especially surprised as there are even two music apps already for the watch, includiing Pacemaker!

But I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. When I’ve brought up the questions around smartwatches before there’s been little interest. It does make me remember when music apps started arriving for the iPhone and people said “why would I use a phone to make music?”. Good question, we all know how the answer to that has turned out.

So, why not use a watch alongside the iOS device to make music, in some way, shape or form. I’m sure it’ll be not only possible, but actually quite interesting too. The two apps already there have some good takes on it for starters. A tuner that uses an iOS app but lets you see the tuning on the watch. Good idea in my book.

What next? I’m interested to hear what developers think, if anything. But I really do hope we get some movement this time. Otherwise, I think it’ll be a missed opportunity.

Anyway, if you didn’t see it, here’s the watch …

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