What’s coming in Auxy …

Pocket Operator PO14 Sub Review (video)

“Day 3 in our Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Week – today its the turn of the PO14 – Sub, this one is designed for bass – see what Gaz Williams makes of it.”

SQ-1 iPadSound0304 (video)

Analog Modular controlled by iPad MIDI Controller (video)

“Using Geo Synthesizer iOS app by Wisdom Music though Silent Way Voice Controller Plug-In to control pitch and gate of my eurorack modular analog synth.”

Jamstik | Live on Stage (video)

QOTD: What would you back on kickstarter?

There have been a few interesting kickstarter campaigns that fall into mobile music or related technologies, and some apps too, but what would you want to see on kickstarter in the mobile music world, and what do you think would be really relevant to the point that you’d just have to fund it?
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