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haQ attaQ 47 – "Thunder in you" – iLectric piano (video)

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Builderz Pro Instrumentals Promo (video)

Video description:

“Take a quick peek at what Builderz Pro Instrumentals for Caustic can do for your projects or just for fun, or even live performance. MIDI keyboard preferred, but not necessary…”

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Quality / performance test of IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ (video)

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2 jamstik’s, one iPad, on stage (video)

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[iOS] Monovista (Ver.1.0) Live Performance #1 [iOS 8, iPad Air]

Video description:

“Monovista is awesome music & visual app by Coffeeshopped. 3 circles and non-selected are assigned 3 synthesizers and 1 drum sounds. You can change musical scales and tempo. Dragging circles makes a change to trippy psychedelic visual effects.

I really love and recommend this app, but one disappointing thing is sounds jumpiness on long play.

I want to play this with other music apps. Really great if background audio, midi BPM sync, display BPM number and Audiobus would come.

Thanks to the developer and keep up the good work! : )”

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Launchpad for iPad // Performance FX (video)

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jgEffects – unique effects

jgEffects – unique effects has arrived …

Unique effector app for guitar named “jgEffects” is now on AppStore ! 6 distinct types of effector help to escape from humdrum guitar sounds. Supported audio interfaces are iRig, TASCAM iXZ.
the app supports “Inter-App Audio” which works together with GarageBand that kind of apps.

++ about Effectors ++
You have a choice between three different effectors and use concurrently with them.

The contents of the effectors are as follows.
note : some effectors are in-App purchase item. we have plans adding new effectors in the future.

Crazed Fuzz
a featured effector. Fuzz which is characterized by overflow oscillation.
controls:CRAZE, VOLUME

Auto Revolving Wah
a featured effector. it automatically rotates filter that makes wah-wah sounds.
controls:DEEP, SPEED, TYPE

Harmonic bot
a featured effector. it changes tone color like a robotic sounds. it’s also awesome for vocalist.
controls:DEPTH, RATE, MIX

Dry Dryve
Over-Drive which is characterized by dryly harmonic tone.

Noize Gate
it is a noise-reduction effect.

we provide standard Delay effector.

++supported device++
The app is recommended for use with iPhone 5/iPad mini 2 or later models.

Official Web : http://jg-ravity.com/?p=395#en
Twitter : http://twitter.com/JGravityApps

The app itself is free on the app store, but has IAPs

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Argon 2 min "Goa" patch – haQ MP #3 (video)

Argon on the app store:

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Peter Vogel CMI Pro 2 arrives

Here’s what’s new in Peter Vogel’s CMI Pro 2:

  • NEW – the long-awaited Page 6 waveform editor! Draw, flip, rotate, copy, paste, generate and much more: like the original CMI II.
  • 64-bit compatible, as required by Apple from February 2015
  • Removes support for the Midi Mobilizer and Akai Synthstation, which are not 64-bit compatible. The CMI App now only supports Core MIDI compatible devices.
  • Audiobus 2.1.5 included
  • For those rare app crashes, it now automatically submits crash logs to us – with your permission.

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DMT 222: On Soundcloud, UMG’s 2014, the evolution of D2F, Amanda Palmer on Patreon

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