PO-12 ≈ italo disco cassette special (video)

Video description:

“Running some PO Italo action thru my newly acquired state-of-the-art recording device.. a 30 euro Korg cassette recorder with built-in speakers.

Got to love Korg for this one, they made it around the same time that MP3 players came on the market in 2004 or something. I recorded it dry, but it has built-in effects to spice you’re mix up like a true professional 🙂

To make it sound like I was in a room, I played the tape-recording into my Sansui Reverberation Amp for that brown, orange 70’s feeling. Nice back story is that I bought the thing for 3 euro on a local flea market.. Guy thought it was a broken amplifier, and I also didn’t know what it was until I came home.

So I want to dedicate this Italo composition to the flea market guy 🙂

For your Italo Disco compilation cassette mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/moedars/po-12-italo-disco-cassette-special

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