Pepp available FREE for iPhone and iPad (video)

Save the date … E&C Mini Maker Faire returns this year


haQ attaQ 45 – “Planet Earp” Soundscaper & Figure (video)

haQ attaQ 45 – "Planet Earp" Soundscaper & Figure (video)

Different Drummer — Advanced rhythm & music generator 3.3 arrives with clock start/stop and more

Here’s what’s in version 3.3 of Different Drummer — Advanced rhythm & music generator:

  • MIDI Clock In with Start/Stop
  • Commit Progressions without closing Composer
  • New Jammer Panel to play-along and perform with DD manually
  • Highlights notes of scale in Composer
  • Capture button in Automation to reset Return point to current
  • Better randomization of Note, Rest and Tie waves
  • New Sounds for Jammer and replacing some stock instrument sounds as well as new sound fonts added
  • Search feature for Wave List

MusicIO App – MIDI over USB (video)

Arctic Pro Synthesizer – 1 min DnB patch (video)

QOTD: Do you use Android for music making?

I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and most mobile musicians are iOS users, but I’m interested to know if anyone is making Android music (and I know that there are people doing it) and if you are how you find it has moved on.

Loopseque bringing something new to iOS soon …

When I posted about Loopseque the other day I was very glad to see this comment arrive, and I’m really looking forward to whatever it is that they bring!

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