B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro 2.1 gets a truly massive update

B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro gets updated and cheaper all in one go. Here’s what’s new, and there’s a lot of new stuff to get through …

More refined. More affordable.

Create your own individual B-Step colour theme with the B-ColourStyler or choose one of the preset styles. Be able to switch through your favourite ones quickly and easily. Styling your own personal look has never been as easy as this. Find a colour scheme that works for you, on your monitor settings.

Expect simple project and file management with the new B-DataManager. It comes with a couple of bonus features like free downloadable presets and import and export of your projects via text or email. Add preview audio samples and comments to your projects and chords, or share your own work at the B-ProjectRepository.

If you’re having difficulty in using one of the many features that B-Step provides, no problem!
We give you the option to embed the user manual inside the program itself, which makes it very easy to get to the right information at the right time, for any feature. It’s as simple as dragging the ‘Question Mark’ to the component you want to learn about.


  • Introduced: Basic AudioBus support
    • Introduced: Data Manager
    • Download free projects, colour themes or chords on the fly
    • Project im- & export via text or mail
    • Share your projects at the Monoplugs servers
    • Remember your projects: Assign audio samples and comments to your projects
  • Introduced: Embedded User Manual
  • Introduced: Colour Styler


  • Improved: Reducing CPU usage for better performance on older devices
  • Improved: More stable clock generation



  • Added: Mute a step column on the run light buttons
  • Added: Option to disable the mouse wheel (setup editor)
  • Improved: Mouse wheel always increasing or decreasing by one
  • Fixed: Load & save handling, restores everything correctly


  • Improved: Style of editors and notifications
  • Fixed: Font sizes and remove trailing “…” for some labels
  • Fixed: Message box is never hidden by the keyboard
  • Improved: Inputs are always visible (can’t be hidden by the keyboard)
  • Improved: Remember last window position


  • Improved/Fixed: Slave mode
  • Improved: Performance on switching from/to foreground/background


  • Fixed: Reset Launchpad on shutdown


  • Fixed: Playback stops if a step repeat was enabled and some other options too
  • Fixed: Bar repeat counter show 1 bar to less

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